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Effective hinting is an art form. Yet, a list of ideas left on the counter works just as well. Great hints help all involved. 

Christmas lends itself the opportunity for giving big gifts – to families, parents or even yourself. Recently, more HDTVs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, game systems or other sought after electronics have made their way under the tree.  

Don’t get caught without the best services to connect all your fancy new toys. They all will preform at their best with the best Internet or FMtv from FMTC’s Fiber Optic network. We will make your technology shine bright.

FMTC FMtv gets you all the best shows in HD, so you will feel like you are in the movie theater or at the big game, and you have less expensive refreshments.

FMTC’s Fiber Internet is ultra-fast, ultra-reliable and UNLIMITED. With it you can shop, surf, stream, work, play, take a class, start a company or just about anything else – from right where you are right now. 

Psst…call us, we can help make great gifts happen.

New Customers - Try Any New Service, Get FREE Installation!

Existing Customers - Add or Upgrade Any Service FREE for 30 Days!

Offer valid Nov 1, 2017 thru Jan 31, 2018. All products or speeds may not be available in all locations. After promotional period, regular rates apply. Service must be retained for at least 6 months. See offices for full details or to sign up.