FMTC Internet is secure, fast & reliable and when you're on fiber, basic is 75Mb! If that's not enough, you can upgrade to 1Gig. Learn more about fiber Internet.

FMTC Internet is more than Internet - it's a lifeline to everything you need today and far into the future!

  • Perfect for Multiple Internet Users & Devices - the average home has over 10 devices!

  • Connect with WiFi - get basic or Intelligent WiFi - depending on your needs or environment

  • Use Multiple Streams - FMTC Internet is robust enough for multiple videos, audio feeds and downloads all at one time

  • Get More! - If 75Mb isn't enough, if you have a package of services, you can get 25Mb Bandwidth Boosters for just $15/each

How Much Speed Do You Need?

Choose your Internet speed based on how you use it (streaming movies & music, gaming, surfing, etc) and how many devices (laptops, TVs, Game systems, smartphones, etc) connect to it. Keep in mind the average household has 10 devices connected.


Protect Your Computer & Files with Security Coverage!

SecureIT Plus protects your computer from viruses and other bad stuff that can lurk on the Internet. 

Password Genie keeps track of all your passwords - to keep all your accounts  safe and secure!