Strong communities are bound together by people and the relationships they have with one another. Solid relationships are built on trust and trust is earned. Our people are trust earners…and we’re proud to have them wear our logo!

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Smarter Wifi is Better Wifi

Get Intelligent Wifi for only $5.95/month!

You deserve the best Internet experience, and our Intelligent WiFi allows you to enjoy your Internet on all your devices all over your home.


We’re Here to Serve You

For over 100 years, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company has been providing communication services to the communities of Stanton, New Market, Bethesda, Villisca and Nodaway in southwest Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art products from people skilled, trained and willing to serve our customers. Our staff works to ensure your services are working round the clock, 365 days of the year!


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FMTC Internet is more than Internet - it's a lifeline to everything you need today and far into the future!



With FMtv you get lots of great video entertainment, Whole Home DVR & Watch TVEverywhere for one low monthly price.



As a local phone company with 100 years of experience, nobody knows phone service quite like FMTC.