Survey for Rural Red Oak

  • We’d like to bring you great Internet with fiber-to-the-home, like what we have built in our regulated communities: Stanton, Villisca, New Market, Bethesda & Nodaway.

  • To do that, we’d like to use a USDA program that offers low cost financing. A requirement of that program is to survey potential customers to gauge interest.

  • A quick note…before we get you to the survey. You might wonder, why are they considering building in the rural area when the City of Red Oak is trying to get a service like this? The short answers are:

  1. Rural Red Oak may qualify for funding assistance through the USDA program since you are considered underserved with Internet, and the City of Red Oak, unfortunately, does not qualify for those programs.

  2. We are applying to that program to access low cost financing to help us construct the fiber network to rural Red Oak. Your responses to the very short survey don’t bind you to take service (should it be built), but will help us improve our application score.

Before you type in your address to start the survey…please review the products and pricing by clicking on this link or by looking at the brochure on this page; pricing knowledge will help you answer the survey questions.

Start survey by putting in your address, pressing GO and then following the prompts. Thanks for your help!