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Many Iowans would be happy with boring, satisfactory Internet. But because you are served by FMTC, you get crazy fast Internet by default. We know you will find innovative ways to use it. 

Understanding Internet speed, why it matters and how it impacts your Internet experience can be difficult to grasp. One of our priorities is to make sure you never have to worry about your Internet (or phone or FMtv for that matter). It might be time for you to increase your speed, convert to Internet only or both.

With all the devices that use your Internet, homes today use more than 500% more data than they did only a few years ago. The average home has between 10-15 devices connected to and using their Internet (count yours). Users of those devices are doing more ‘data hungry’ activities like watching videos, streaming music, and playing games. 

Even social media activities consume more data – think about all the videos you watch on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Contact us today to upgrade your speed, convert to Internet Only or both! Crazy fast Internet makes your life easier.

75Mb Internet Only - $69.95
100Mb Internet, TV & Phone - $175.95

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Crazy Speeds up to 1Gb Available

Offer valid Feb 1 thru April 30, 2019. Free Installation up to $75. Some restrictions and limitations may apply. See offices for full details or to sign up.