Voicemail Access


To Listen to Your Messages:

  1. Dial *09

  2. Press 1 – if you have unheard messages you will be prompted to press 1

  3. After listening to each message you can either save it or delete it

  4. Press # to save the message

  5. Press 7 to delete the message

  6. Repeat this for all new messages in your inbox

Accessing Your Voice Mail - New Users

From Your Home Phone

  1. Dial *09

  2. You will be prompted to change your password 

  3. Enter your new password followed by the # key

  4. Re-enter your new password followed by the # key

You will then be prompted to record your name

  1. Record your name followed by the # key

  2. You can either listen to your name, re-record your name or accept the recording by listening to the prompts


Accessing Your Voice Mail - All Users

To Record or Change Your Greetings:

  1. Dial *09

  2. Dial 1

  3. To change your mail box busy greeting press 2

  4. To record press 1

  5. Press # when finished

  6. Press 2 to listen to your greeting

  7. Press * to go back to the previous menu

  8. From here you can either re-record your busy greeting or record your no answer greeting

  9. To record your no answer greeting press 3

  10. Follow the same steps above