FMTC is proud to be a sponsor of the Rural Housing 360 program, which helps make new housing more affordable for residents. Register to learn more about floorplans and costs using the green button below.

FMTC is offering an incentive to people who build new homes…if you use this program or build on your own:

  1. FREE Installation of our Fiber to the Home…to your home!

  2. FREE In-Home Wiring (saving you money)

  3. AND…$1,000 in FREE FMTC Services (Internet, FMtv or Phone) This is available to anyone with a new facility constructed within our 5 exchange serving areas that establishes a broadband service connection with FMTC

For more information and details about this exciting opportunity, stop by our office in Stanton or Villisca or call 712-829-2111 or 712-826-2812.