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Villisca, IA: In many ways Villisca is typical of many of the small rural communities that dot the Iowa landscape. The smaller school population allows our students to participate in as many school and extra-curricular activities as they choose. Our class sizes are small enough that our teachers are still able to take a personal interest in the students. Our students experience excellence in education through our highly qualified teachers and through additional opportunities of online classes and through classes at our community colleges for which the students receives high school and college credits. The students receive support from throughout the community. Our young people and senior citizens can walk the community without the fear of threats or of being mugged. Friends and neighbors and even strangers provide support in times of triumph and/or tragedy.

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While we have many similarities to other rural communities, like our name, in many ways, there is only one Villisca. We are a community of people with diverse interests and backgrounds; a community of individualists; and certainly a community with a unique history. We have a story to tell.

In these days of dual-income households, Villisca is a great location geographically. We are equidistant from Corning to the northeast to Red Oak to the west and Clarinda to the south; from Shenandoah to the southwest west, Atlantic to the north and Creston to the east. And when Villiscans need the services or pleasures from a metro area, we are not far from Omaha, Des Moines or Kansas City. We have the best of both worlds.

If by chance you are an entrepreneur, an artisan, a business owner seeking a place to start, expand, or relocate your business or work for a business that has embraced telecommuniting, we want you to know that Villisca is a perfect place to grow a business.

We have experienced changes in the past several decades with changes in agriculture, an ever expanding global economy and an aging population. Where businesses once had to be located in metropolitan areas to experience success, the growth of technology and the Internet is allowing businesses to locate in small communities, places with a higher quality of life, safer neighborhoods, a sense of community.