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Scam Warning!!!

Douglas Pals

Please be aware of a threat we are seeing a lot. The threat can start by email, from a phone call or by following the wrong links on a website.

The result is something called ‘ransomware’ where the perpetrator of the scam locks up your computer until a fee is paid to them, or the scammer messes up your computer in some other fashion. 

The most prominent threat has been people posing as Microsoft employees calling customers telling them they have detected a problem with their computer.

They have not; they just hope you’ll bite and give them remote access to your
computer. A similar scam can start with an email to you with a link to ‘help fix the problem’.

If this happens to you hang up or delete the email! Don’t give them access. No one can detect a problem your computer might be having without your knowledge, not Microsoft, Google, or anyone else. 

If this happens to you or get contacted, please call us for help, if you need it.