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How much Internet speed do you need?

Douglas Pals

Internet speed may be hard to understand. Imagine different sizes of hoses or pipes. Visualize how much water can flow through a garden hose. Now picture how much could go through a huge 4 foot culvert under the road. Clearly more water can go through the culvert at one time than a garden hose.

Water is like the data that flows through your Internet connection, and our Internet speeds are like different sized pipes. In this example, 5Mb is the garden hose and 50Mb is the 4 foot culvert. Water is easy to visualize because we know what it is.

Using the word picture from earlier imagine this: an email message is equal to a small glass of water (not much data). If you attach 2 large pictures to your email, it becomes like 2 gallons of water. Downloading software is like two bathtubs full of water. And, watching an HD movie on Netflix is equivalent to a city swimming pool full of water (A LOT of data). Picture how long it would take to empty the swimming pool with a garden hose.

With this word picture, it’s easier to see why we made basic Internet 50Mb for customers on Fiber. This way everyone in your house can do what they want - watch a Netflix movie, look at pictures on Facebook and research vacations. Contact us if you have questions about your connection!