Smarter WiFi is better WiFi.

You deserve the best Internet experience, and our Intelligent WiFi allows you to enjoy your Internet on all your devices all over your home.

What you get with Intelligent WiFi:

  • We evaluate your home, consult with you about your usage, then set up your Intelligent WiFi system to optimize your coverage.

  • Our Intelligent WiFi system uses 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, as well as ‘beam forming’ to eliminate interference to provide you great WiFi.

  • We configure your Intelligent WiFi security to make sure only your devices are using your Internet connection.  

  • We manage your router’s software to keep it updated, so all your devices connect efficiently even after their software is updated.

  • Based on your answers to our consultive questions, you’ll have Intelligent WiFi coverage where you need it in your home.

  • We will connect your current devices and then teach you how to connect new devices.

  • You have an exceptional WiFi Internet experience with our Intelligent WiFi.


Intelligent WiFi Q&A

How does my current router compare to the new Intelligent WiFi router?

The current router (ironically called a Smart RG) is in different places in different homes. In many cases, it is located on your home’s first floor, but it connects back to our ‘Fiber Board,’ most often in the basement, where your services come into your home. Your current router only uses the 2.4 GHz spectrum to send WiFi into your home. While 2.4 GHz travels the farthest of all WiFi options, it only offers narrower bands of data which can be limiting to many devices these days. The new Intelligent router offers both 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrums, so each device can connect in a manner that is most advantageous to it. The new router also has twice as many antennas and significantly more power and processing capability than your current router. It’s also designed to be located centrally on the main floor of the home - to help optimize coverage.

What is 2.4 & 5 GHz and why does it matter?

They are wireless frequencies that the WiFi router uses to communicate with individual devices on your network. In general, 2.4 GHz travels farther, but does not allow as much speed or bandwidth. 5 GHz travels less than 2.4, but allows more speed or bandwidth. It is important to have both options because different devices have different needs. The Intelligent router picks the right frequency option for each device.

What is interference and how do I know if I have it?

Interference is ‘noise’ that impacts WiFi coverage and speed of the network. It can come from other WiFi networks or microwave ovens or baby monitors or WiFi connected doorbells and other devices. And, interference changes based on a wide variety of factors. The Intelligent router will change frequencies (2.4 or 5 GHz) or channels (each frequency has a number of segmented channels to use) with each device to optimize the connection. Older or inexpensive routers don’t have the ability to do this…instead they just try to ‘talk louder’ with their WiFi signal, which just makes the interference problems worse. If you have been in a gathering with a lot of people talking in a small room, where you need to talk louder to be heard…which makes others talk louder to be heard…you get the concept of WiFi interference.

What is ‘beam forming’? It sounds like something from Star Trek.

This is a method that our Intelligent router uses to reduce interference and optimize the connection with every device on the network. Imagine a huge, invisible pipe that moves with you inside your home connecting your device to the Intelligent router. That provides a good image to explain beam forming.

How will you evaluate my WiFi needs?

First, we will talk with you and ask you how and where you’d like to use your Internet service. Then, we will evaluate your home for potential interference and locate the best place for your Intelligent router, and see if you’ll need any extenders to provide coverage where you need it.

What security features are on the new Intelligent WiFi router?

It has WPA2 security with a number of different types of encryption. We will set this up for you and make sure it stays working correctly. In addition, we will also setup a secure password for your WiFi network, so unintended ‘visitors’ aren’t using your bandwidth.

I didn’t know routers had ‘software’ on them? Tell me more about this?

Software on routers is sometimes called firmware, and even the most Intelligent of routers need to keep up with their ‘education’. As new devices, operating systems or upgrades come along, the router needs new information to be able to continue to do its job well. We will make sure your router is always up-to-date.

You mentioned that you can help me mange the devices that connect to my router. Can you see what they are doing or track what they have done?

We can’t see what is done on devices - either live or in the past. What we can do is see what devices are connected to your Intelligent WiFi router and if they or other devices are having or causing trouble for others on the network. This helps us help you have the best WiFi experience with your FMTC Fiber Internet.